Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Experiment with GM Diet - Day 1 - The Day of Fruits (Part 3 of 10)

First Day of the GM Diet ... mind filled with some doubts and some apprehensions and a tad bit of excitement too (at the prospecti fo losing a few kilos before my Mumbai visit)
I started off with one sweet lime and the mandatory glass of water. I had cut musk melon and water melon the previous night and packed them in lunch boxes (large ones) and stored them in refrigerator. Along with them, also took apples and pears to office; not forgetting the KnifeJ. My Lunch Box for office was ready :)

The water melon turned out to be disaster. After a few bites I realized that the taste was not right and the smell was not right either. Dumped the entire load into the dustbin and relied on the musk melon !

A colleague got some sweets from India. Ordinarily I would have resisted the temptation but it was an awesome "dry fruits barfi" which has an out of this world taste. Everyone was going ga-ga over it. So took a piece and then another. That was the 'diet discount' I took on the first day itself LOL !!

Day went fine except for the light headache which started developing in office in afternoon. I had green tea too in office albeit without sugar (didn't like it like that). The headache progressively grew in the evening and I began to remember the GM diet experiences I had read online and began to dread the remaining 6 days

By late evening, the headache had become a bit severe and so had another tea before dinner of fruits (musk melon, apple, pears)

And yes ... on a very different note it did feel strange to begin a diet program on a Sunday (sunday is the first working day of the week here in Dubai - Fri/Sat weekend)

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  1. This is True !!
    Even I Felt my Head Getting Burst for the First Day !!