Monday, March 16, 2015

#ShareTheLoad is nothing new for us

No ... Really.
The #ShareTheLoad concept is nothing new to our family and that is Thanks to my grand-father. I have seen him washing his dhoti and other clothing himself even at the ripe age of 70+ and since all of his clothing was white; he had been using Ariel for washing them ever since it was launched in India. He kind of migrated and upgraded from Nirma to Surf to Ariel and then there was no looking back. The #ShareTheLoad or #WashBucketChallenge were an integral part of his life rather than a challenge or a one time thing.

And that's where Dad got it from. Even after the introduction of the washing machine in our homes, there was always some clothes washing that we regularly had to do. Not the big ones but smaller pieces … just to stay in the habit of washing clothes. In fact, whenever he visits our native home in Rajasthan, he washes all the clothes himself … and whenever I have travelled with him, I (have to) join him in the task.
We would take several bucket loads of clothes (from 3-5 days of travel) and wash them in an open space in our native home. It would be fun (and very tiring in the end … its hard work after all and something we are not used to). We have been doing that for years now and it comes naturally.

It translates to the city living in a far simpler manner with the existence of a fully automatic washing machine at home. Our role at best is of dumping clothes in the machine and pressing a few buttons and throwing a scoop of ariel washing powder in it. There is hardly any effort in that. That's the easy part of washing.
Effort nowadays is required in taking the washed load out and hanging them out in the sun on the clothesline and then after a few hours, collecting it back and folding them neatly and organizing them back into the respective cabinets. (And you thought 'washing' got over with the washing machine). And yeah, not to forget ironing of the clothes

Over the years, I have helped out mom in all these various tasks related to washing – whenever I am home. Typically on weekends. I have done all of the above … and have seen dad assisting mom in doing so for years.

With wifey coming in a couple of years back, me and my dad have little role to play but with our daughter coming in last year, she keeps wifey busy and hence I have had my chance to do those tasks again.

So … I was wondering. Do I really need to take the #WashBucketChallenge or pledge to #ShareTheLoad … well, I don't really need to (since I have already been doing it for years) but let me put it this way…

I am moving into a new home with my wife and kiddo and in the new house, I pledge to @ShareTheLoad … not just in washing clothes but also in other 'washing' / 'cleaning' / household chores … I am sure wifew will be very happy to see her lazy husband pledge something like this J

And yeah … in pictures, that's my dad and bro with the new Ariel Matic pack … taking up challenge of the washing machine over the weekend. Well … Mom was out and both of them confused with the washing machine control panel and had to call up Mom for directions ! The new washing machine panel was confusing to me too so I can't blame them.

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