Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Happiness Anchors

I have written a lot about my daughter recently and how can I even begin to write about happiness without thinking about her and without mentioning her.

At this stage in life, ALL my happiness originates from her. As if my world has shrunk to the size of her fist.

If I were to make a list of things that make me happy … she is right on top of it and crawling all over it. Nothing, absolutely nothing, in the world makes me more happy than her presence.

I am still waiting for her to say 'Papa' clearly. She said 'dada' several months ago and soon afterwards, 'Nana' followed. Next came 'Mumma' but 'Papa' is still elusive. Everyone in the house has made their fair share of attempts to make her say 'Papa' and a few accidental occurrences would have happened too. But, I still wait for the day when she would look at me and say 'papa' without any prompt. My happiness will limitless when I hear that one single magical world from the little one who is my world.

So what are the other things that make me happy you might wonder. I am a simple family oriented person with a singular hobby of reading. I am extrovert for those who know me well and an introvert when I am between strangers.

So first of all … my FAMILY makes me happy. I am all content and satisfied when I am with my family (which incidentally was pretty less since until recently I had a consulting job which made me travel frequently). Being around my parents, my wife and kid, my brother, my cousins and extended family … that's the kind of life vision I have. So family first.

Next of course, FRIENDS – How drab and boring life would be without our friends. And of course, in all those friends; we also have that one best friend who is your alter ego. Someone, to whom you would said umpteen number of times, "What would I do without You?"

Spending time with friends and having fun is next on the list of things that make me happy.

After family and friends, it is definitely BOOKS. Give me a good book and a comfortable book with something to munch on (namkeen, crackers, chips) and something to sip on (coca cola, coffee, even limbu paani) and I am set. I can then transcend such levels of pure nirvana that Buddha might have found difficult to imagine. Books are my drugs and they give me the ultimate high.


That mention of Coca Cola reminds me of their happiness campaign. While other cola companies create an appeal for the 'youth'; Coca Cola has always maintained a family appeal focusing on 'happiness' rather than any other ephemeral emotion of adventure or zing. Check out this Coca-Cola India Video Ad and you might even want to visit

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