Friday, March 06, 2015

Family is what makes my baby happy

 My Baby … My daughter … the center of my very own universe. Its difficult to say what makes her happy because it is not one thing. There are many.

Growing in a house which has, besides her mom-dad, the presence of grand-parents and her chachu (uncle) – she has become used to being the focus of someone's attention all the time.

One or the other member is always with her, trying to make her smile and keep her engaged.

In the morning when she wakes up, every member of the family will wish her 'good morning' – a trend that has started only after her arrival in the house. My dad and my brother would dote on her till the time they leave for office and from the time they come back in evening and go to bed. My mom and wife would be focused on her during the day with my mother giving the baby almost all her time.

Yes, there are toys and her own little 'dry' swimming pool which we use as her playing field (we just put her inside along with her toys – without water of course). But it is always the family members around tht make her happy.

The thing that spoils the happiness and calm of the house is wetness in her pants. That will make her irritated and she would start to fidget and cry and wail.

Thanks to the Pampers Baby Dry Pants ( that problem is taken care off. The Magic Gel in the diaper locks in moisture so that the baby's skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. So effectively a dry baby is a happy baby since she is not irritated. You should watch this video too …

And when the baby is not irritated and crying, everyone wants to take her and play with her …which makes her further happy.

And that's what is it all about. Family.

I had always wanted my baby to grow up surrounded by family members. Especially grandparents. There is a LOT that children learn from the grandparents which the 'busy' parents may forget to teach.

The grandparents will give their undivided attention to their grandchildren and not get distracted by mobile phones, whatsapp, FB and other virtual distractions. Grandparents will be the ones who will instill a strong sense of values in the child.

The secret of my child's happiness is the attention she gets from the family.

And with a job which is likely to take me to other cities/countries for long term stay, I dread to think of the time when I will move with my wife and kid … and my child has to spend some of her growing years without her grandparents

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