Friday, March 06, 2015

Look-up and welcome to the real world!

Remember the movie Matrix. How Neo is approached and introduced to a mind-blowing concept of alternate reality and how he is welcomed to the 'real' world. I have always loved that movie.

Also, I am not sure if you have seen a video (which did rounds on FB and became pretty viral too) which had the central theme of 'look up'. The video showed us scenes from daily life which we could easily identify with. People walking on the streets, crossing the road, friends meeting, a couple in the restaurant, people sitting in the park, people at the sun-set point, people at the beach … nothing extra-ordinary – right ??

WRONG. As you see the video, you begin to realize what's wrong there. You not only realize whats wrong but it hits you like a head-on collision with a massive speeding truck.

In all those perfectly normal scenes in the video, the people are sitting/standing with their head bent down. And if you are wondering why are they sad ..then they aren't. They are just busy. Busy living their lives on their mobile phone screens.

It was an extremely hard hitting impactful video which immediately makes you realize the folly of your life. You see people walking on the street oblivious of the people and traffic around … even getting way too close to meeting an accident. You see people at dinner table, each lost into their 5 inch screens ignoring the others at the table. You see a couple dining, both buried in their own devices. And worst of all, people at a sun-set point, ignoring and completely missing  the sunset and the supremely serene beauty of the evening sky … since they were busy posting on FB about the awesome sun-set point they were currently at and what fun they were having (really???). Such is the irony of today's life.

The video ended with the message of Look Up. And then they show in each of the scenes, people keeping aside their devices and looking up. At the world around and the people around. Acknowledging people and the beauty around. Suddenly all the faces are lit up … not by the light from the device screen but by the glow of natural genuine smiles … and then it hits you even harder. Because now you realize that the in the first half of the video, no one was smiling. Everybody had a grim or neutral expression on their face … and now suddenly your screen is filled with smiles and happiness.

THAT moment of watching the video shook something deep inside me too. That's when I decided to consciously look-up from time to time. To acknowledge people and beauty around.

Isn't it common sense that you will miss things if you don't look up. You will not find things if you don't look up. Maybe that's why is rebranding as 'Look Up' – now you look up housing and accommodation options on a cool mobile app. Another problem solved, simply by looking up.

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