Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Freedom from Boring Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I have been very very particular about it all through my life. A habit formed in early childhood, reinforced by parents and grand-parents.

Incidentally, what also got reinforced in the process was my breakfast routine … tea with 2 khakhra.

It does become boring at times to have the same breakfast over and over again so it is a relief to have upma, poha, those thin noodles (namkeen sevaiyya), sweet breakfast like sheera, occasional parathas, and even sandwiches etc.

When I was staying away from home, I ended up with the cornflakes and bran flakes and rice flakes and the entire variety around it. Frankly I was never satisfied with them since the habit was to have hot tea and breakfast (which was also often hot) in the morning. The cold milk + breakfast cereal combination was never satisfying. But I did not really have an option so that was what I had.

It was always good to come back home from my business trips and enjoy hot breakfast once again.

But even at home, the tea+khakhra was a norm for me and the occasional hot breakfast would be once or twice in a week. If I asked for some variety, mom would always say, there are just these few options.

I had nudged my wife to ‘cook’ up some varieties for breakfast but even she was running out of ideas … she had tried bread poha, different types of sandwiches etc … but BREADS are not the healthiest of things to eat so even they are rare (maybe I can say: rarer) now.

I have never really suggested we have breakfast cereals at home in India because they did not fit. Remember the cold milk combination that I talked about.

But then recently, they have started talking about alternative ways of consumption. That caught my attention. I checked out their website and their Facebook page - - for more information

And there I found their latest campaign #KellogsWaleGuptaji and a treasure trove of pretty interesting recipes for snacks and breakfast made using Kellogs and a variety of nice and healthy ingredients found in every home. I also found this video on youtube

Some of my favorites from the recipes are:

1.       Chapati Cornflakes Chivda - A crunchy snack made wholesome with chapatti power

2.       Cornflake Popcorn Clusters - watching movies with the popcorn in different style

3.       Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes - sweetness of apple with a cinnamon twist


I would readily visit #KellogsWaleGuptaji ‘s home to savor the healthy delicacies and also take my wife along to learn from them. I think, while I will always remain faithful to my tea+khakhra breakfast, I think we will have a good variety of breakfast as well as evening snacks now.

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