Saturday, October 16, 2010

RIDICULOUS - Airtel blocks Outgoing for want of documentation


I had been receiving the sms from airtel regarding submission of documents as per new government norms. Ditto for my dad and bro (we are a Airtel Family)


Due to one or the other reasons I couldn't go over to the 'nearest' airtel customer care centre (which is not really so near). My mistake. I accept it.


Then suddenly today my outgoing calls are barred and I am told that I need to submit the required documents to enjoy the services. THIS is preposterous, ridiculous and absolutely inconvenient. When I went to the Airtel Gallery, there was a HUGE CROWD. My token number revealed the fact that there were about 150+ people ahead of me on the queue.


That was one frustrated crowd. People who were supposed to be in offices, parties, family functions, hospitals, colleges, businesses … were out here trying to first understand what documents were required and then busy getting the documents in place … biggest bottleneck being the rejection of Ration Card as address proof and need to submit a photograph.


The most noise came from people who were in the middle of a medical emergency where a family member was in hospital and their outgoing was barred cutting them off.


I accept my mistake and many others would accept theirs too. BUT barring outgoing without any warning message or communication was absolutely unwarranted. It put people to a lot opf inconvenience. And even if you planned / intended to do it, we consumers at least deserved a direct warning. Submit documents in 7 days or face disconnection os something like that.


I have personally never been a fan of Airtel. Took this number of mine in 2003 when I joined NITIE for MBA and the only other way my parents could contact me was through the hostel common phone.This number has since then been given out to sooo many people, friends, colleagues, business associates, clients in different countries and so on. I don't want to leave this number. And so I am stuck with Airtel.


There have so many occasions in past so many years when Airtel has wrongly deducted money from my pre-paid account and numerous complaints and hours of customer care music later, the money still never came back. System upgradation and system unavailability being the common reason you hear from Cust Care Agents for unavailability of info. 


Airtel has one hugely dissatisfied customer in me.


So I wait for Number Portability to become a reality in India.

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  1. Many ppl share ur view abt MNP ... hopefully this time the date wont get shifted and India wud be MNPable by 2011