Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dog-earing: a crime towards books!!

In Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (I read it last month), Meggie (a little girl) opens a book that is given to her and is asked to turn to a dog-eared page. She dislikes this act of folding a corner of a page as much as her father and simply straightens it out.

Shraddha (my best friend and book buddy) and I have similar views on dog-earing. We feel it is akin to damage to a book. We don't dog-ear our books. She uses proper bookmarks and I used a variety of things as bookmarks (piece of paper, book or bus tickets, even movie tickets J). These days even I am using bookmarks since most of the books that I am reading are from Shraddha's library and she has a bookmark in each of her books J We both love our books and take care of them pretty well protecting them from weather, wear-n-tear and people alike.

We are both pained to see other people manhandling their books or in rare occurrences not really being careful with our books. Reminds me of an interesting incident where Shraddha was about to offer a bookmark to a lady in the local train. She saw the lady dog-earing her novel and was about to ask her to straighten it out and give her a book mark from the book she (Shraddha) was reading. People, in general, might not appreciate such acts and so she restrained herself.


Guys and Gals out there ... please take care of your books. Or the demons of the books will haunt you in the dreams and do god-knows-what to your ears :)

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