Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Movies I saw in June ...

Sex and the City 2


Well, I have never actually seen the series SATC on TV but the movie was a strange choice made by my wife. Of course, the movie hardly had any element of actual sex; it simply borrowed the title from the TV series from where it picks up the lead characters and actresses. I did not realize it then that this was the second SATC movie. Saw the first SATC movie on Star Movies (i guess) a few weeks after watching the second movie in theatre


An interesting comedy movie. Enjoyable. Entertaining.




A very interesting movie. Not really an entertainer but then Prakash Jha has not really been known to make entertainers. He makes those serious kind of movies which are not a bore to watch. Raajneeti was precisely that. A movie which is worth watching, but once. Its not something you would like to watch again. Good performances and a nice storyline with all its interconnections and parallels with the great epic Mahabharat.


I clearly liked the role character played by Nana Patekar. He played a person who was not clearly in power nor was in a lead role; BUT he was clearly the one who was pulling all the strings. He was akin to Krishna in some way who did little on his own but influenced others into action which shaped the story and the consequences.  

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  1. I think Rajneeti is very interesting film. Ranbir Kapoor and Katreena Kaif has really played brilliant role... There is lot of good turn in whole movie.