Sunday, October 24, 2010

Books I read in July ...

 1.       The Immortals of Meluha by Amish – First Part of the Shiva Trilogy


A very interesting read. I completed in precisely one day J started it in the morning at around 6 and finished it off by mid-night !!! FELT GOOD !! Flight journey and waiting at the airport gave me ample time to read this one from start to finish in a single day.


A very interesting story woven out of the premise that Lord Shiva was actually a human being and not a divine being who was pushed to great karma and godliness by his deeds and circumstances and of course, the omnipresent motivation of Love. A very interesting read indeed except for the part that it is the first part of a trilogy and now we gotta wait for the subsequent parts to be published which might as well take a year to come by.

2.       Divine by Choice / Partholon 2 by P. C. Cast


The Part 2 or sequel to Divine by Mistake (which I read and completed last month). A nice read. I like the style in which the book is written. There are sooooo many places where a smile automatically comes to your face while you read the story. The writing is light as well as intense at times and a truly fun thing to read.

3.       The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks


Its an absolutely emotional love story. A tale of separation and coming together and then getting married only to be separated again, this time by an invisible and undefeatable force called Alzheimer's. It was something of the kind that brings tears to my eyes. Yes, after Cecelia, Nicholas did this to me.

4.       Daemon by Daniel Suarez


A sci-fi technology thriller about a mastermind guy who is making things happen … after his death. He is figuratively operating from his grave through a distributed computer program he designed. Its so damn scary !!!


Everything Daniel has written about seems possible. In fact, all the things he has written about (well except maybe a thing or two) are technologically not only possible but I am sure they are already a reality in some form or the other. Its how Daniel has put them all together and woven it tightly into a scary tale of world domination by the dead.  An awesome read. I would recommend this  one to anyone who is interested in technology and has a bit of interest in computers and networks. Others are sure to enjoy. BUT the one who understands a bit of technology and networking will be thoroughly scared as he/she realizes that the Fiction written in the book can well become reality.

5.       Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella


A nice one. The second Sophie Kinsella that I am reading and I love her writing style. I was reading Partholon and this one together and there were so many places where one story reflected some similarities with the other. A lady trying to figure out what happened behind her back in her name.  

6.       Freedom by Daniel Suarez


I try not to read 2 from same author in the same month but when it is a matter of a sequel … then one can't really resist the temptation. It happened last month with Matthew Reilly. This month it is Daniel Suarez.


Freedom is a sequel to Daniel's first book Daemon. But, personally I feel Freedom isn't really a sequel or 2nd book. Daemon and Freedom are in fact one single long story written in 2 parts for the convenience of holding the book in the hand. Imagine holding a very thick book and reading it, carrying it around. The story does not really come to any logical end in Daemon, it simply pauses.


The story about the taking over of the world by the distributed network AI construct continues with the humans beginning to play a greater reality and things getting geo-political.


I liked reading Daemon and Freedom. They talk of a scary reality. Something which I have thought and at times discussed with friends. Life becoming a data stream which could be manipulated or mis-used to anyone who had access. And access, after all is nothing but knowledge of some codes and passwords which are not really difficult to crack.


Yet another thing … I read this one in 2 days flat.



It's a nice feeling completing 6 books this month.
Back to back, two months with 6 books.


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