Monday, October 04, 2010

Movies I saw in May ...



One of those hilarious movies where one lie leads to another and then another and then everything is mixed and jumbled until the final climax sequence when everything falls in place as confessions are made and truth is revealed. An entertainer. Can be watched again, albeit you have company to laugh with. It is a typical Akshay Kumar comedy with a good measure of Riteish deshmukh thrown in with Deepika in her trademark short shorts and Lara to give company.   


Its a Wonderful Afterlife – Hai Marjawa


A funny movie to watch but then again, it's a watch-once movie which you wouldn't want to see again unless you were wishing to get a nice cozy slumber.


Iron Man 2


Well, what would one expect from Iron Man movie. Explosive Action (literally) with hi-tech gadgetry packed in a metal suit. After the 'Dark Knight', I found that this one also had its fair share of emotional content besides the action. Its often interesting to see how Hollywood balances action and emotion. I don't see that in Bollywood.  

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  1. Hey No doubt, It is one of good comedy film I ever seen..There is lot of hilarious scene in this film which will make you laugh and laugh. I would love to watch this film again and again. Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Deshmukh are superb.