Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Short Commercial Break ... Really Short !!

Was watching NDTV news channel  and then came the time for a break and the host of the show said,

"We will be back after a short break. Really short. Remember... we are in a Recession"

well ... no denying that fact ... but it set me thinking ...

Recession is a reality ... although some of us do understand some of the basics of recession and know that it is a downward spiral brought about by lowered consumer spending (so essentially we bring about the recessions ourselves)

So what I was wondering is … In such times of recession; should the companies reduce ad spend and let the consumption fall OR should it actually intensify marketing, come out with 'recession-fighting' schemes and offers to spur consumer spending !!


Whadyasay ??


BTW … If you are wondering why NDTV news channel is finding mention in my blogs these days; well that's the only Indian news channel I get in my hotel right now J  


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