Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Permanent Friends & No Permanent Enemies

In Politics, there are no permanent friends and there are no permanent enemies - quote by a senior politician of India

Somehow, this shows the attitude of politicians in India today, who know that they can't be very 'strongly expressive' in their opinions since they might have to approach some other party to form a coalition party post election results.

The hundreds of small political parties and some of the significant ones too, are ready to align themselves with any leading party irrespective of their ideology or election manifesto … Politics has become business and not a service which a person in power offers to the country.

There is a need for the fresh and intelligent people in politics who join the political space with the understanding that if you want to make a difference to people's live on a large and lasting scale, you got to get inside the administration and policy making of the country and do your deed.

Someday ... If life does give me what I want (which pretty much seems like a nil chance from my past experience :) ... I would like to enter politics and make a difference !! 

some day ... ... ... 


  1. very true... mamta banerjee is already friend of sonia gandhi ust after tata crusade!

  2. Hemant.

    That 'someday' is almost always elusive as everyday that comes and goes by!

    But here's the deal. I am sure you do that 'something' everyday that you are proud of having made a difference - before you hit yur head on the pillow!