Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Car on Water :)

Do you see the car driving on water !!
Naah ... its not really a water body ...

Its a Puddle !!
A HUGE rain water puddle in a Parking lot :)

It rained pretty heavily in Dubai 2 weeks ago ...
first hail and then heavy rains ...
the parking lot was literally entirely under water (a few inches maybe)

With the markings invisible (under water), the cars drove around clueless

and somehow managed to park themselves

But the challenge was then to get out of the car and walk out :) in water ..

This particular car managed to get a 'landing space' on dry land !

This parking lot is right opposite the hotel where i was staying 2 week ago (i recently moved to another one ... pics from new place in a few days .. i am still unpacking ... very slowly :)

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