Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice Little Challenge ...

I am faced with a nice little challenge ...


I have to schedule about 90 training sessions totalling about 400 hours of training; to be delivered by a pool of about 15 trainers over the span of 18 days to about 300 trainees from 3 companies and 2 large departments (and i am not allowed to mix different company people in same training sessions except for about 7 sessions); with an additional challenge of some of the trainees overlapping across several training sessions and yes ... not to forget the availability constrainsts of the trainees as well as training equipment/facilities like laptops, classroooms etc.


WOW !!


Some amazing times ahead ... considering that there will always be some cancellations and rescheduling and late arrivals to training which will mean i have to factor in extra hours !!!

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