Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day ... Earth Hour … every minute !

Earth Hour - Saturday 28th March 8.30 to 9.30 PM - It was about switching off all lights to bring awareness about Climate Change and Global warming.

When I first heard of Earth Hour, I literally thought it was an initiative to save electricity and thereby help the environment. Of which, I was not really convinced since even if the world switched off all lights for an hour, little would be saved. In fact, the idea was also counter-productive since electricity can't be stored so what is not consumed could potentially go waste. What is required is not just one hour of 'lights out' … but a daily reduction in power consumption. That's what will really help.

But, then I realized that the initiative is more about bringing awareness about global warming & climate change; so I joined in to support. Indeed the concept of Earth Hour is a very good marketing and awareness building tool.  

My take on Energy Conservation: Earth 'Hour' by itself is definitely not very helpful in conserving energy.

What we need is a year-on-year Earth Year ... where you reduce your own personal electricity / energy consumption on a daily basis. Switching off PC monitors, switching off electronic gadgets instead of putting them in stand-by mode, setting air conditioning at 24 C, car pooling, switching off lights when not required, switch to some reading instead of mindless TV watching, go offline for an hour and meet some friends in real world J, switching off vehicle engine if u are going to wait at a traffic light or otherwise for more than a minute, switch over to eco-friendly and lower consumption long lasting lighting alternatives at homes (and offices too if possible) … and so on.

The list is endless. The potential to save energy is limitless. Your contribution to global well being: significant.

We also released an Arbit Choudhury comic strip to add a touch of humor to 'doing something good'. The comic strip is aimed to bring about awareness … about energy conversation, not restricted to Earth Hour itself.
If the comic strip does not appear here above, You can check out the comic strip on the Arbit website here.
As for what did i do during Earth Hour ... "I took a walk".

Result was good health and an automatic switching off of lights, fans, AC, laptop/PC, mobile chargers and other things when I left my hotel room.

You should see these Earth Hour pics at Boston Big Picture blog … a click on the photo and it will change into the 'earth hour' version . EnZoy ! Click here to visit the Earth Hour page

Side Note ...
 ---> If you are wondering why this blog post is almost a month late. Well ... blame it to my lazy-ness !! The thoughts were very much there ... i was just feeling lazy to pen them down ! (And right now i feel it strange to use the term 'pen them down' in the context of blogging and increased usage fo computers ... so let me ask you something ... When was the last time you really WROTE down something significant and lengthy)
--> Yet another 'push' i got for writing this was the fact that TODAY (22nd April) is EARTH DAY !! So my post above is very very relevant and NOT late at all :D  -- And to think of it , we have World Environment day approaching in June ...

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