Saturday, April 25, 2009

Joinging the band wagon ...

Susan Boyle … "Britain Got Talent" fame ... YouTube Sensation !!!

Everyone is writing about her on the blogosphere … so I guess every blogger worth his / her salt should be writing about her ..

So here I am .. writing about Susan Boyle, who became an overnight global sensation after her appearance in BGT. Her YouTube video is all set to break records and become the most viewed video of all times. She has spurned millions of discussions on various platforms and forums on a variety of topics and subjects and she is being discussed by all professions from IT to Medical to Trainers to Teachers to Motivational speakers to any 'Tom, Rahim and Hari' alike … 

The blogger community today consists of two types of bloggers today .. those who have blogged about her and those who haven't J (how insightful of me)

With this post, I just crossed the line :D

If you are wondering what is my take / opinion / feeling /thought on the Susan Boyle incident … well … I guess a lot has already been written about her and my views will only be redundant and a mere repetition!

You can read what my friend Nikhil has to say about this phenomenon - here  

And of course you can simple google "Susan Boyle Britain Got talent" ... and Check out the links .. (there are plenty)
P.S. -- I cant resist expressing my thoughts .. so here they are ..
Really Beauty lies hidden away below the surface of the human existence and is seen ONLY when the surface is scratched. Surface beauty is just that. Superficial and Shallow.

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