Sunday, April 12, 2009

No English, No Computers, No Malls !!

It was just a lazy weekend evening (saturday) when I was flipping channels randomly when I chanced upon NDTV news channel. Amidst the Tytler news , Indian Shoe-issue and other political news; I came across a piece of news which amused and shocked me at the same time. How on earth can any political leader in our country even think like this!!

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, unveiled his party's manifesto for the Lok Sabha polls in Lucknow on Saturday. He said that the party is against English medium education and the use of computers and will work to ensure that they are curbed if a government is formed with its support. He further added that previous governments have promoted forward trading, share trading and mall culture. Any government formed with their support will either reduce or stop it completely

And yes …. For all you guys and gals drawing good salaries in the private sector … here's Mulayam Singh for you … he says "The salaries provided by private firms should be in sync with the minimum wages that have been set by the government. This is only the way to build up a strong national capital"

Whats' shocking is that we actually have such anti-progress political leaders in our country ! God save the people from such 'influential' political leaders.

English has been a great boon for us. English effectively served as a common language of communication in a country where none existed. Our higher education is still dependant on foreign author books which are published in English. Our IT industry was born and brought up by servicing clients in US and Europe and this was made possible since we were educated in English. China lost out on the opportunities since they had this vital requirement missing. 

Computers have added great speed to our progress. So many processes have become automated now leading to immense amount of convenience to people. Communication and business itself have been positively impacted by computers.

Where the hell are these political ideologies taking people to … back into the stone age ??

Yes .. I really feel ideologies and subsequent policies can lead uis back to the stone age (figuratively I mean. But who knows, if these people have their ways, they might literally take us back to stone age)

I was also surprised to see that Jaya Bachchan and Jaya Prada also are part of the Leader Board (came to know this from their website - (funny things is … Samajwadi Party Official Website is available in 2 versions, hindi and ENGLISH (so much for the party ideology). What (also) pains me is that Sanjay Dutt is supporting this party and so indirectly / directly also supporting the ideology.


It scare me to think of the fate of the state/country if Samajwadi Party was to come into Power !

Lord save the future of the generations to come !


You can read more about the SP manifesto into various news reports here, here and here

i just wish the Samajwadi Party upgrades its ideology from the 'cycle' (party symbol) to atleast a "150 cc Bike" !!

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