Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Original Conan | Rediscovering Sherlock Holmes

I used to read Sherlock Holmes stories in my school days. I even bought a 'complete collection' set of two fat books while in college. After all these years, I felt like reading them all over again.
So, I decided that in this year and the next, I would try and read the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.
I began with 'A study in Scarlet', which is one of the 4 novels that were written. I will be reading the novels in the chronological sequence of their publishing timeline. The first 2 novels were followed by a lot of short stories and next novel came almost after 10 years followed by more short stories and another novel after 13 years.
'A Study in Scarlet' introduces Watson and Sherlock Holmes; how they meet and how Watson discovers the eccentricities of Sherlock. I realized the Sherlock Holmes literature by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle was not very easy to read. The sentence construction was complex and choice of words was not really suitable for children or maybe even young teenagers.
I am sure I must not have read the original works of Conan Doyle in my school days. If I had, I wouldn't have even read a single complete one. I must have read a simplified version fit for a school child where the language was simplified with lesser twists in sentence construction and easier words making it easy to understand.
I feel good that I took the decision to re-read the entire Sherlock Holmes collection. Now, I will get a chance to read the real Conan literature and enjoy the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Watson in their true form and Conan style.

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