Saturday, January 08, 2011

Memories from a year ago …

While 2 years ago, tragedy struck; the time exactly a year ago was a much better and happier one. I was to fly out to South Africa on 31st Dec 2009 but it got cancelled and rescheduled for 7th but even that got cancelled. Teenagers and young couples of my extended family had planned a trip to Lonavla which I was going to miss but the cancelled trip enabled me to go.
It was 2 days of pure fun … we were about 20 of us. 3 Couples and all the rest were bachelors from our family. I was having fun after quite some time. I still remember those 2 days. They are pretty fresh in my otherwise non-dependable memory.
I am not sure when the next such 2 day trip will be planned and if I will even be able to go with them since I am in Dubai-Sharjah … away from home, away from family.
Hope … Fate can play some twisty turny game once again and enable to be close to home when the next fun event gets planned.
Hope is the Rope to success … J

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