Friday, January 07, 2011

Memories from two years ago …

Exactly 2 years ago … on Jan 7, 2009 … I was in Dubai …

In an office at Emaar Square … next to Burj Dubai (that's what it was called at that time … now it is called Burj Khalifa)

The day marked the beginning of the Satyam Fiasco and the ensuing crisis.

I was on call with IBM HR regarding a job opportunity and had just refused the same when my brother called and told me that Raju resigned. I told bro that it was not possible since it was his own company. I googled and found his Resignation letter at the first link. (I was feeling unlucky)

That day marked the beginning of an ordeal which went on for months … life filled with uncertainty and all sorts of media fuelled rumors. Acquisition by Mahindra and rebranding as Mahindra Satyam and slowly the organization getting up on its feet

An odyssey

I was suddenly reminded of that day today … and the times that followed.

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