Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dubai Shopping Festival … for Me !!

The DSF started last week on 20th Jan and I decided to step out with my wife the same evening to check out what was up … We decide to go to the Diera City Centre (DCC) and just roam around …
I ended up entering Magrudy's and picking up about 6 books :)… 
Reasons for picking these books ...
  1. Books seemed interesting
  2. I m currently reading Feluda, 3I and Sherlock .. All mystery and detective stuff
  3. I needed some other genre ... something different
  4. It was the first day of Dubai Shopping Festival :)
  5. And … last but not the least … They were all priced at 5 AED (clearance sale) besides some 5-10 other books
The books put together were worth 300 AED and since they were part of the clearance sale … I got them for a paltry 30 AED … yep … at 10% of their price. Of course, only after I read them will I come to know if these 30 AED (approx. Rs. 400) were well spent or money wasted …
I picked up the following books …
  1. Labyrinth  by Kate Mosse
  2. Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China  by Jung Chang
  3. The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
  4. Looking Good Dead (2006) by Peter James
  5. Not Dead Enough (2007) by Peter James
  6. Dead Man's Footsteps (2008) by Peter James

Of course, my wife Nisha was not someone to be left behind. She also took advantage of the DSF and picked up 2 handbags and nice silver colored footwear. Of course, she had already purchased a beautiful ring the other day from the Sahara Mall … where the Sharjah Spring Promotions (SSP) had already begun.
So the DSF and the SSP began … not just for Dubai and the world; but also for Me.
Of course, I will be making more purchases …. Bigger and more significant ones …
Will post more about it as and when as my purse becomes lighter …


  1. I've read WILD SWANS; pretty good. Give THE BOOK THIEF by Zusak a try. I finished it, and am still thinking it over.

    Hand bags and shoes- I could go for that, too. Style succumbs to practicality here, though.

    Beautiful sunrise at 9:30 this AM. We're gaining light every day.

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