Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year Eve and New Year …


Contrary to what most people do, I was destined to be indoors on the New Year eve. So that's what I did and stayed glued to the TV whole day watching movies and other things.  

I saw a feature on Pixar's history followed by Pixar blockbusters like 'Toy Story 2', 'Finding Nemo' and 'The Incredibles' followed by old comedy classics like 'Hot Shots' &  'Hot Shots 2'. The 'Hot Shots' movies were featured in 2011 while the Pixar animated wonders were in 2010.

I am not even counting the several Hindi movies playing round the clock which we saw. Movies like 'Houseful', 'Heyy Baby' and an oldie called 'Jung' and a couple of others i dont even remember

Phew … It almost adds up top about 6-8 movies in one day / 18 hours.

I also saw the Fire, Light and Water show at 'The Dubai Mall' live on TV (channel Dubai One) at midnight followed by the Burj Khalifa New Year fireworks. I realized that the view from my bedroom on TV was much much better than the view I would have had if I had gone to the venue. I realized that by not going out, i avoided getting caught in the crowd and the terrific traffic.

So the year ended in the enclosed warmth of my hotel room. The first day though turned out to be of an international variety.
I visited the 'Global Village' here in Dubai which brings together exhibits from various countries in Middle East and South East Asia including China.

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