Monday, January 10, 2011

Memories from this year … Awesome !


New Memories have been formed this 7th of Jan … The Burj Khalifa experience …

In contrast to my feelings from exactly 2 years ago … this year on Jan 7 … I felt at the top of the world … Literally!! I visited the 124th Floor Observation Deck of Burj Khalifa … the tallest tower of the world !!

It was an awesome experience.

I had particularly selected the timeslot of 4.30 PM so that I could go in and enjoy the Dubai city view in day time, then enjoy the sun set and before leaving, enjoy the Dubai city lights in the dark. It turned out to be an exhilarating experience to see the transition from day to night, watching the transformation of the city into a blanket of small tiny lights.

It was an awesome experience.

The journey to the top was in itself a treat. Riding the world's fastest elevator to reach the world's highest observation deck in about 60 seconds (travelling at about 10 m/s or 600 m/min) gave a tingling feeling in the ears as well as the stomach.

The view from the top is simply breathtaking. We spent a good 2 hours up there staring into the horizon and the view all around, far and near.  The Telescopes located all around the observatory were a real treat. The computerized touch screen LCD display of the telescope view with options to view the scene live, day, night and historical was a real surprise.

The live view might not be always good due to various reasons like sunlight and dust interplay, fog conditions, time of the day or simply rains or other weather conditions.

We spent more than an hour going all around the observation deck, looking at the vast expanse of the city beneath us, all around us. We were waiting for the clock to strike 6 PM. We had already positioned ourselves at one of the open terrace glass windows which were on the Dubai Fountain side. We caught the 6 PM Dubai Fountain show from that phenomenal height and it was beautiful.

Then we went around the entire circumference of the viewing gallery taking in a 360 degree view of the Dubai city at night with all its city lights. It took us around 20 minutes and then we positioned ourselves again at e Fountain facing window to catch the 6.30 show of Dubai Fountain. We then got in a very long queue to go back to the ground level. The queue literally went round all the way around the entire observation deck.

We reached the ground level and went through the gallery with photographs of several people involved in the project including Crane Operators, Secretaries, Project Mangers etc. By the time we came out of the gallery; we realized that it was already 7.30 and we saw the Fountain show once again J

What an Evening !!!

It reminded me of my visit to KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 2007. I even went there again to celebrated my birthday:) 

The observation deck of KL Tower is at a height of 276 m while the Burj Khalifa 124th floor is at an approx height of 495 m above the ground (almost double).

Wish they had built the observation deck of Burj Khalifa at a higher floor.

With about 160+ floors; why did they have to build the observation deck at 124th???

Does anybody know ???


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