Saturday, July 22, 2017

VSS 026 - Thank You

Thank You


Very Short Story (VSS) 026


He watched the kids play in the garden. Everyday. He never joined them though.

They came with their toys, cycles, balls, frisbees and numerous other games.

He had none. 

He was my maid’s kid and I noticed him. Asked my maid and learnt about his hesitation.

My Child’s old bicycle was lying unused. Got it repaired, polished and ready for him at his house next day.

My neighbor asked why I did it secretly. Not even a Thank you in return.

The child’s dumbstruck happy expression was more than the mere ‘Thank you’.

Go ahead. Do some Good.


As promised in my last VSS, I pick up 'Thank You' as the title. When I began writing the story, i had the end in mind, where the child would say Thank you. When i wrote that, i realised that it was not enough. Had I been in the position of cycle-giver; the Thank You would have been nothing. i would be looking forward to the smile on the kid's face. hence the end got a re-write. And a message 'Do some Good' got added as I had a few words to spare :)

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