Tuesday, July 18, 2017

VSS 025 - Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee


Very Short Story (VSS) 025


Silver Jubilee – a celebration of 25


With time, patience and longevity, both have gone down. Even the silver jubilee celebrations have come down from years to months to weeks to days.


And strangely, while the Silver does become Golden (50), the cases of things NOT going beyond are on a rise. Sad.


25 years of married life

25 weeks of a movie running in theatres

25 months of being in the same job

25 days of being engaged

25 hours of going without junk food

25 minutes of being away from social media


Living a sliver of fickle life


The title wrote itself this time around.

It is my 25th VSS and it is a reason for celebration since it is half of my annual goal of 50 stories. 20 days and 3 stories behind schedule but quickly catching up.

So here is the silver jubilee story with a tinge of philosophical musing towards the fickle nature of life today. 

Thank you to all friends who have liked and commented on my stories. Thats encourgement for me. Thats what keep this going.


(and with that, let me use THAT as the title of my next story. THANK YOU)

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