Saturday, July 08, 2017

VSS 021 - Sing Song

Sing Song
Very Short Story (VSS) 021
I no longer sing
I used to sing
I used to sing pretty well I must say
I used to sing for her
And she sang with me
Together we were unstoppable
We sang everywhere – in the bus, in the train, on the plane, in the rain
Heads turned when we sang – some in annoyance, some in appreciation
Then she was gone
And I lost my voice
More than that, I lost my zing to sing
Every song reminds me of her
Songs evoke happy memories, which cause pain
Singing choke me
I no longer sing


The title of this story is not random. It was inspired by the title of my previous story (Ding Dong) and in this particular case, the story came out of the title rather than the  other way round. I had no story or a thought when I created the Sing Song title from Ding Dong. After I wrote that title, the words began to flow.

Quick Note: Very Short Stories are max. 99 word stories that i am writing, as part of my writing resolutions for 2017. My target is to write at least 50 VSS this year - about 12-13 every quarter. Currently I am behind my target by about a month's worth but gradually catching up :-)

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