Monday, July 10, 2017

VSS 022 - Ting Tong

Ting Tong
Very Short Story (VSS) 022
The doorbell startled her. The first thought after overcoming the initial ‘shock’ was the question – ‘When was the last time someone had rung her bell?’
The answer was Never. Well, not actually Never. She had heard it 25 years ago when it was installed and tested by the electrician. But never after that.
That evening her family had gone for the movie and met with an accident while returning. No one had ever rung the bell ever since.
She missed her family and never understood why she was left behind.
Being a lonely ghost was no fun.

I continue with the 'ing ong' series .... using Ting Tong this time, the ubiquotous sound of the doorbell.

I find this an interesting way of writing a very short story, starting with the title and then building the story on it. A challenge in itself but the best part is the sense of amusement and wonder I experience after completely the short.

Quick Note: Very Short Stories are max. 99 word stories that i am writing, as part of my writing resolutions for 2017. My target is to write at least 50 VSS this year - about 12-13 every quarter. Currently I am behind my target by about a month's worth but gradually catching up :-)

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