Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Movies I saw in April ...

Tum Milo To Sahi


A very nice feel-good movie with several characters and their inter-linked lives. Watching Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia was a delight as was the subtle acting by opther characters in the movie. This was one of those feel good movie one might easily forget and not even think about again, but one which we surely enjoy while watching. Mind you, some people may actually find it boring too.




Why O Why did I even go to see the movie. The promos seemed promising. Yet another movie with kids and the backdrop of school meant that it might be raising some pertinent questions about the education system. The movie started off fine and was proceeding fine until a song in which we see a lot of sub-plots and potential in the movie. The gal who has a crush on the handsome teacher, the guy who has a crush on this girl but afraid to talk to her, some kid who is shunned by others and some cute little kids including the Balika Vadhu girl and the Chini Kum girl; both having good potential to carry a sub-story. BUT, none of that happened.


After the song, everything seemed to fall apart and the whole story centred on our fat guy who is making life miserable for the kids by asking them to pay for anything and everything. A reality show crew enters the school scene and the story goes for a complete toss. The end also comes abruptly with seemingly no conclusion in sight.


Why was the movie made is still a question ! what message was being given out. I have already ruled out entertainment since that was clearly what I did not find in the movie.


Date Night


It was a fun movie. About how a husband and wife go out on a date and how one lie puts them in the wrong place and a wrong time with a mistaken identity which puts them in the cross fire of police and gangsters. The movie spanning one night was an interesting and fun thing to watch but an entirely forgettable one. Imagine, i went to see this movie with my fiancee :)


Bounty Hunter


An interesting movie. Nothing great or memorable but an entertainer nevertheless. Memorable for me would be the company I had when i went for the movie :)

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  1. Paathshal was flop movie. But I heard that Shahid Kapoor has worked free for this film. ON the other hand Date Night and Bounty Hounter was quit good one.