Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Golmaal !!

The Amol Palekar – Utpal Dutt Starrer and Hrishikesh Mukherjee directed 1979 movie 'Golmaal' is one of my all time favorites.

A couple of years ago in 2006, Rohit Shetty decides to name his comedy movie 'Golmaal' and I was apprehensive of the kind of comedy Rohit Shetty will come up with. Unexpectedly, the new Golmaal actually turned out to be a pretty decent comedy. It even had a surprise package in the form of a mute Tushaar Kapoor and a nicely paced comedy throughout the movie.  Watching Ajay Devgun in an out and out comedy role was interesting too.

Then comes Golmaal Returns (2008) and I was wondering if it will be like so many other sequels which fail to match up the expectations raised by the original and end up repeating stuff. Unexpectedly again, Rohit Shetty did not disappoint. Golmaal Returns was an equally good comedy doing what it was supposed to do; Entertain the crowds.

Now, I am seeing the promos of Golmaal 3 on TV and it promises to be bigger and better. Expectations are high and I am up for being entertained; Rohit Shetty style.

I have noticed a few key characteristics of Rohit Shetty Golmaal brand of movies. The movies are very very colourful. Take any song or scene and look at the clothes and the background setup. You are bound to find the screen filled with colors. Another interesting thing is the action. The movies are neither action oriented nor is there a need for blowing up things or explosions. But you will find them all in the Rohit Shetty Golmaal movies. If nothing else, he will begin to blow up cars and cause explosions in songs !! There is a sheer speed in the film. You don't get bored and there is something happening continuously from one scene to another.

Talking of colorful screens … Akshay-Aish starrer 'Action Replay' promises to be one hell of a colourful and stylish movie … in Eastman Color (as they say it in the promos / posters)

There is yet another interesting aspect of Rohit Shetty's Golmaal movie series …

Golmaal (2006) was a remake of Malayalam film Kakkakuyil

Shakuntala Bhatia, wife of director Rajendra Bhatia filed a complaint  accusing that Golmaal Returns (2008) had copied the story of her husband's film Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar (1973)

Golmaal-3 is reportedly inspired by Basu Chatterjee's 1978 film Khatta Meetha

Trivia: The Original Golmaal Movie was remade in Tamil as Thillu Mullu, with Superstar Rajnikanth reprising Amol Palekar's Role !!

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