Friday, September 17, 2010

Movie I have seen in February ...

Yes ... You read it right. Its 'movie' and not 'movies'
Kartik Calling Kartik


This one was another surprise movie. One of those movies where you can't decide what to expect from the movie before you have seen it and you can't decide whether you liked it or not after you have seen it. The movie was slow. Excruciatingly slow at times. And that made it very boring at (those) times. But it had a very interesting and mind blowing climax. This unexpectedly good suspense climax made up for the bored times and you left the theatre almost in a state that was neither bored nor exhilarated.


The suspense when revealed comes as a shocker and you are momentarily exhilarated but you still can't shake off that utterly bored feeling you got before the climax arrived. You are left confused about your feeling for the movie and so when you leave the theatre, you are thinking about your feeling about the film rather than the film per se.


After a good start of 4 movies in the first month of the year, only one movie in the second seemed like a spoiler. Maybe there were not enough interesting options or time just went by. I don't remember now. Had I written this post 8 months back in Feb-March; I would have written more about it. But no worry, March score was 5 movies. I won't say the options suddenly improved because I saw movies like Road and Rokkk (Don't ask me why, I won't tell, I don't know) but thankfully the other 3 were better.


Well, so now that I have cleared my movie backlog from Jan and Feb, I will get on to the Books and Movies posts from April onwards.

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