Thursday, September 16, 2010

Movies I have seen in January ...

Better late than never. 9 months late, but then ... it happens.
Heres the run down of movies I saw at the beginning of this year.


Second Time J Yes, I began the year by watching this amazing movie for the second time. This was the last movie of 2009 for me, and also the first of 2010. It was a surreal wonderful experience. It was a treat for the eyes. Watching an entirely new and different world which glows and is closer to nature than our world which is now more or less a concrete jungle, was indeed a very eye-pleasing experience.


I was looking forward to its re-release with new scenes added but the reviews of the same discouraged me. They said it was just 10-12 minutes of new scenes and you could very well miss it. Well, I actually love that movie and might just try and catch it if it still around in some theatres in easy reach.


Raat Gayee Baat Gayee


This one was a disappointment. I have come to rather expect much from the Rajat Kapoor - Saurabh Shukla - Vinay Pathak - Ranvir Shorey movies. They have a very interesting plot and an entertainment value unlike the typical bollywood blockbuster. This one too had an interesting premise but the movie could have definitely been better, more fun. 


Harishchandrachi Factory (Marathi Movie)


This one was a surprisingly entertaining movie. Based on the life of Dadasaheb Phalke and his journey of making the first Indian feature film; I half expected an art film kind of treatment to this biographical true-story. BUT surprise, the movie was actually very much fun to watch. A well made movie and a befitting tribute to the Grand Old Man of Indian Cinema. 


Sherlock Holmes


The movie as a movie was good but somehow I was disappointed, simply because the character of Sherlock did not seem to fit. I have been a Sherlock Holmes fan all my life and have read almost all of his stories. The depiction of Sherlock, his character, his dressing, his flair in the Movie … did NOT quite give me the impression that this was the same Sherlock created by Arthur Canon Doyle. Even Watson did not fit the descriptions or sketches I have grown up with in the books and in my mind.


This singular thing prevented me from enjoying the movie completely. By any other name, the movie was a good one. But use of Sherlock's name and then dishing out a phoney is something I couldn't digest. Of course these are absolutely personal views and there might be folks who don't agree with me. Also, the Sherlock books are not sooo high on violent action drama as the movie was, with explosions and chase sequences and typical Hollywood action thrillers.


Leave out this character anomaly and the movie is an excellent watch with its right bit of combination of action, comedy and suspense.   


The year began with 4 movies in a month which seemed to be a good start J

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