Sunday, September 19, 2010

Books I read in April ...

1. RHYTHM by Shraddha Majalkar


Well. This was, for a change, not a fiction novel. Rhythm is the name of the first module or level of an English Speaking Program developed by my best friend. This program is specifically aimed at vernacular medium students who know English but are not comfortable speaking. She has prepared extensive material for the program and as an experiment; we got the reference book for the first module printed using the service.


The joy of watching your name in print is stupendous. Holding a book that you have authored in your own hand is a joy one got to experience. I saw it in my friend's eyes and on her face as she unwrapped the book when she got the delivery.


Well, the story doesn't end there (of course). After going through the entire book herself; she handed the book to me … to Review it. So the first one-third of the month was dedicated to reviewing the book. Looking for typos, grammatical errors, sentence improvements etc etc. I did not touch any other book in that period.


2. Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella


So as soon as the book review was done, I picked up this one. This was an interesting one ... a very interesting story of a girl who manages to mess up things in her life with a twist of humor... and all is well in the end ... she blurts out deep hidden secrets of her life to a total stranger on an airplane during a turbulence (thinking she is gonna die .. sort of last minute confession)


The hitch is that the total stranger turns out to be someone up close at office. You gotta read it to enjoy it.


3. Temple by Matthew Reilly


I had to pick up  a Matthew Reilly. I guess I will read one every month till I exhaust all. This one turned out to be yet another gripping action thriller. It started off slow and i felt I was getting bored ... but then at some point it picked up speed and blazed around with wild action and adventure ... I will always remember this one for all the DEATH-DEFYING action sequences, moments and events ... Its almost like MR is writing a high octane hollywood action thriller script !! In Temple … MR takes you through 2 stories simultaneously, both running in different eras, with events in one story having an impact on the events in the other. A remarkable read.


THIS month has been a busy month ... my evenings were busy and i did a lot of within the city travelling on my Activa (2-wheeler) tiring me out by the end of day ....


Result ... reading was slow and sporadic ... I started Temple and another book but could not complete them ... they were still going on when the month ended … BUT … Temple was completed on 2nd May ......... did some marathon reading on 1st May and 2nd May :)


The other book is stuck on page 35 so it goes into May reading (dunno if I will be able to read it in May also ... its gonna be a busy month) …. Well … the fact is I wasn't able to to read that even in May since May proved to be an extremely busy month with not a single book read (finished).


If you are wondering what has been keeping me busy … Well, I got engaged in April and married in May !!
That should answer it in full !!

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