Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Surprise: Samsung and Blackberry Compatibility



One is often miffed at the lack of compatibility between products and accessories of different brands. So many times you would have seen people going around asking for a mobile charger of a particular brand for their own charger was elsewhere and their mobile had decided to run out of battery.


If you have been in those shoes (doing the running around); I am sure you would have thought why can't all these mobile manufacturers come to terms with a standard and use the same design ports for charging. That way there would be one universal charger and you won't have to worry about finding a matching pair when in emergency needs.


The same goes for laptops, digital cameras, tablets and various other electronic gadgets that are very much part of our daily lives AND which have a habit of running out of juice just about when we need it the most.


I wrote in the earlier post about my lost baggage and the blackberry tablet charger that was in the lost bag and how that would affect my reading (my tablet is my eBook reader) ….


WELL … Surprise


I discovered (with due help from my neighbor's kid) that Samsung and BB have some sort of compatibility as far their chargers are concerned. I tried my Samsung mobile phones charger on the BB Playbook and voila, the tablet began charging to glory.


So my problem of charging my tablet is solved and I can read on unhindered. 

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