Thursday, February 09, 2012

Matthew Reilly’s latest Scarecrow Novel


Finally … I got my hands on the latest Matthew Reilly novel. Aptly titled 'Scarecrow and The Army of Thieves'; this is yet another Scarecrow / Schofield adventure. It turned out to be as expected … full of high octane over-the-top action with a whole lot of twists and turns in the plot. The setting is similar to Ice Station; a lone island in the Arctic region which becomes the centre of all the action (read destruction)

Matthew Reilly packs the punch in every page of the novel with not a single page being turned without action. The entire novel (barring the first few and last few pages) is packed around a day of full-fledged world-saving action. Scarecrow and Mother have company of 2 other significant 'fighters' with better equipment; a couple of civilians who are protected by Scarecrow and who have a role to play in the entire adventure AND a surprisingly good companion in the form of a Robot who considers Scarecrow as his Buddy (of course, after being programmed to do so). Each of the members of the team plays an important role in the mission and each one goes through a near-death experience (including the Robot; can you believe it); some of them even dying

There is a very interesting plot and suspense under all the power packed action … a plot which shocks even Scarecrow. The villain is an extremely smart guy who can literally read Scarecrows mind (or for that matter anyone's mind). He is a MASTER MIND Visionary who predicts the course of political future of the world almost 30 years before the events actually take place and has the ability / capability to prepare counter-measures for the 'future events' . He turns out to be a worthy opponent to Scarecrow and I would not be surprised to see him again in some future Scarecrow Novel.

Although I wouldn't put this one as MR's best; it is definitely a fantastic read for those who would love to 'read and visualize' a Hollywood action flick.

Now that I have read the latest from MR; the wait for the next one begins and I really really hope that the next one is a Jack West Junior novel (after reading the Seven Ancient Wonders, Six Sacred Stones and Five Greatest Warriors … the wait for 'Four something something' has already been there for quite some time … AND I somehow like Jack West Junior more than Scarecrow; in spite of the fact that Five wasn't as good as Seven and Six ... Five seemed like a rush-job )

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