Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Kingfisher Airlines Again!

I travelled Kingfisher again :(
I am travelling to Dubai on company sponsored tickets and so one of the cheaper & convenient ticket is issued. I had the alternative of Indian Airlines which has also given me bad experiences in the past so I chose Kingfisher instead.

The in-flight entertainment was the SAME. No, I don't mean to say they haven't improved it over the past month, what I am saying is that it was the SAME. The same movies were playing that were playing two months ago during my Nov-Dec !!!

Food was OK. Same as before. Needs improvement.

The only good part of the journey was one particular Air Hostess / Cabin Crew member who had a most stunning beautiful smile AND she was very helpful too. Made the journey much better !
During the return journey by Kingfisher ... I was surprised and then not so surprised to find the SAME movies / serial episodes playing on the in-flight entertainment system.
Well, THANKS to THAT, i completed my 600-page Chris Kuzneski novel. I started the novel on Kingfisher flight and completed it during the return journey six days later.  

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