Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blackberry Tablet OS version 2.0


I hear about the upgrade to the BB tablet OS and read up a bit about it. The preliminary articles seemed good and the expectation was high. So I actually upgraded the OS on the appointed day when it was available.

BB OS was a disappointed till date (to me at least). The platform did not support the millions of Android apps and there was very limited number of apps available for BB OS and most of them were paid. Not that the price was high but simply going thro' the payment cycle is a pain. And why pay for something which is otherwise available for free on another platform.

The new OS is expected to be able to support the android apps J

I downloaded the OS on the day of its release (21st Feb) and notices some tweaking in its interface. Seems OK

SAD Addendum: One of my bags was misplaced during my Dubai-Mumbai trip and this one had my BB tablet charger L So if that bag is not found, then I gotta find a BB Playbook charger in the market. That affects my eBook reading till such time as I find my bag or the charger L AND I can't explore the BB OS 2.0 also till then …

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