Monday, December 12, 2011

Reading Feluda is like Travelling

I am currently on a Marathon Reading spree of Feluda ... targetting to complete practically the entire volume of Feluda stories (about 15 in total) within a span of 20 days spread across Nov-Dec ... (and reading some other stuff also in between)
Feluda stories are not only entertaining from the story point of view but they give you more than a story. They take you around.
Reading Feluda stories is like doing 'Bharat Bhraman' … touring the country with each case taking Feluda and his companions to a different city / town in India and then later even abroad; and you, the reader, tag along as a co-passenger on the tour of the new city.
It's a delight to read about those places in the middle of the story. Satyajit Ray ensures that through the Feluda stories, readers get a chance to experience exotic and different places. Ray talks about the place and its beauty. He gets the reader interested in places (be it Jaisalmer, Banaras, Haridwar, Darjeeling or Hong Kong & London).

Feluda must have created a yearning of travel in a lot many young minds. Tourism department should promote Feluda amongst the youngsters of today. They would surely be inspired to visit these and many other places of India.

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