Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mumbai Airport Experience (Continued)

Well … in the previous post, I wrote about my bad experience at CSIA and the problems/inconvenience that millions of passengers face while travelling through the airport. I shared the link to the post with the Twitter account of CSIA (@CSIAMumbai) hoping that someone might read it.

What happened next 24 hours was something that is blog worthy, share worthy.

Within an hour of sharing the link on FB, I got a feedback from CSIA that they are looking into my feedback and will receive a response soon via email. I shared my email address and indeed an email arrived within an hour with detailed explanations to why the problems existed and what action was being taken to resolve them.

For the telephony and wifi problem, they said that they were recognized problems and they have been working on it already. For the baggage trolley problem, they said that the matter was being taken up strongly with the trolley contractors and trolley retrievers had been briefed.

I was pleasantly surprised at this quick response with firm actions being outlined in the email.

The story doesn't end here though.

I got another message from CSIA asking for my mobile number (this all email exchange and twitter message exchange happened in the evening) and next morning I received a call from CSIA Customer Service executive who discussed the problems with me in details and also shared the name and contact number of Duty officer at CSIA. Since I was travelling, I met the Duty Manager at CSIA and discussed the mentioned problems and a few more.


This chain of events prove that the Customer Service executives at CSIA are pretty much customer oriented and focused on feedback. What needs to be seen is whether the airport authorizes are equally responsive and quick in resolving the problems that I highlighted.

I will be travelling from Dubai to Mumbai again in about 10-12 days and it remains to be seen what difference in experience I will get.

(I have asked for permission from CSIA to publish their response email on this blog. I will post it verbatim if the permission arrives.)

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  1. Thank you for posting your Mumbai airport experience and taking up the issues you faced upto the CSIA authorities.
    Its because of actions of people like you have made Indian authorities more responsive and customer oriented.
    I hope more people speak up on various other public infrastructures and help improve the quality of CS in India