Thursday, December 29, 2011

College Days Nostalgia

It is strange how memory works and how can random things trigger nostalgia shots.
Two things happened today which reminded me of my college days and my best friends.
First thing is i saw a Reynolds ballpoint pen. In my late school days and all through college days, i always used the Reynolds Bold ballpoint pen. I just loved them. Black, Blue, Green & Red ... all four would always be in my bag inside a small compass box (which was with me since 4th standard and still had the Mowghli sticker on it)
Well, I spent quite some time during my junior college days in the library (no no no no .. not studying. It was the favourite hangout for me and my 2 best friends). AND we used to keep our Reynolds pens standing on the library table. It was a sort of game and something that became a part of the lovely memories we have of our college days.
The sight of the Reynolds today brought back a flood of memories of my college days and my best friends. Those wonderful days !!
Another thing was a key chain I carry with me. It is always in my laptop bag and I get to use it every day since I use it to hold a small device which gives me half of the password for my official email. Well, a colleague saw the keychain which has a wooden oval shaped piece with words inscribed on it "Friends are Golden But my friend is Gold". He asked me where I got it from and I told me it was almost 15 years old and was from my college days. He marveled at the key chain while I was hit by nostalgia hit me again.
This keychain was given to me by my best friend and it again evoked countless memories.
I soooo wish I had a time machine and I could go back in time … or at least I had a photographic / videographic memory and I could re-live those moments in my mind with HD clarity on a 52 inch screen inside my head.

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