Saturday, December 17, 2011

My ‘bad’ experience with Kingfisher Airlines


I travelled by Kingfisher for a change on the Dubai-Mumbai circuit. I have travelled Emirates, Jet, Indian Airlines etc earlier and this was probably my first experience (or maybe second) with the King. And it was NOT a good one.

I was disappointed by the Food.

I was very disappointed by the In-flight entertainments system.


Of course, IA was no better but one doesn't really expect too much from IA. But Kingfisher is supposed to be Good. Why then have important things like food and in-flight entertainment been ignored?

The food also left much to be desired. Quality as well as Quantity, both were not adequate. Food across the different airlines is pretty standardized in terms of the components etc though the quality varies widely. The king fell flat on the first step itself. The tray gave me a feeling that some things were missing and after having dinner, I felt dissatisfied J

Thankfully, a bad in-flight entertainment only meant that I could spend the time reading. I think I read 2 Feluda stories during my Dubai-Mumbai flight. This is good news for me so I am not really complaining but nevertheless, I expected Kingfisher to have better quality entertainment.

They just had one fixed hindi movie and another english movie and probably some english and hindi serial going on. You could only choose out of this 4 and there was no option to fwd, rewind, pause etc ... if u missed something .. u missed it. I thought that fixed options in-flight entertainment was a last century thing !! But the King clearly still reigns in the past.

The King is definitely not going to be seen as a King for long if it not going to get its basics right !!


BTW ....... While coming back to India, I had already finished off Feluda by then and the crew asked me to switch off my tablet (which I could have used to read) ... Luckily, Pyaar Ka Punchnama was one of the options (the other was Band Baaja Baarat and there was no english movie or hindi serial option) and i took it. Boy ! I enjoyed the movie. Saving grace for the trip.  

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