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November Reading - Part 2

Feluda Marathon ahead … 8 Feluda stories back-to-back …

Lugged around the heavy big fat Feluda Volume and read at every opportunity I got. Not having read Feluda in past several months, I was determined not only to read but also try and attempt to FINISH the entire Feluda Series by Dec 31st 2011 … that's about 750 pages of small print while reading other stuff also.


6. Feluda: The Mysterious Tenant

A case where Feluda discovers the real culprit of the crime, which is a murder incidently BUT does not reveal his identity to others - The murderer eventually meets his death

Also there is the case of a smaller crime of theft which is also solved by Feluda BUT again the culprit is not handed over to the police but asked to return the stolen object.


7. Feluda: The Criminals of Kathmandu

The case of the look-alikes

A man comes to Feluda seeking his help about a person who looks like him and has been using his identity and doing mischief. The case of the stolen identity takes a deadly turn when a murder occurs and the cast and crew of the story moves to Nepal. Feluda is obliged to follow and hence the story moves to Nepal; where Feluda is up against an old adversary who makes a re-appearance.


8. Feluda: Napoleon's Letter

A bird goes missing from its cage and a child requests Feluda to look into it. Feluda is first amused and then gets serious about this childish thing. He knows its more serious than it seems.

Then a murder is committed and a letter written by Napoleon (and hence having antique value) is stolen … the plot gets murkier and feluda has to tie all the strings together to find out what exactly happened.

And yes, even after muder and the theft … attempted burglary continues with the child's room being searched …


9. Feluda: Tintoretto's Jesus

A rare painting by a famous painter … the discovery of the painter's name would make it priceless and also the target for antique buyers and other anti-social elements.

Well, the painting gets stolen and Feluda has to trace to the roots of the painting and the owner of the painting to find out the painter and the value of the painting and also all those who knew about the painter and the true value of the painting.

As the story moves on, a fake painting is discovered and then another fake J

The story also takes Feluda and his companions to Hong Kong !!


10. Feluda: The Gold Coins of Jehangir

A gold coin (one from a set of 12) is stolen and Feluda is asked to investigate. The only problem is that it was stolen a year ago and the suspects are guests of the client and he does not want to humiliate them by talking about the theft.

Feluda managed to catch the thief and even save the client from the second attempt at robbery wherein not just another coin but the entire set was the target.


11. Feluda: Crime in Kedarnath

A jewel owned by a person devoid of materialistic life becomes the centre of the story. The person with the jewel is to be traced and protected while Feluda's tried to dodge the other interested parties.

And yes, in the whole process Feluda manages to unite Jatayu with his long lost uncle !!


12. Feluda: The Acharya Murder Case

A person attached to a theatre, responsible for its rise to fame, begins to get attractive offers from other theatre groups. He is not keen on leaving due to his loyalty to the theatre and the offers begin to turn nasty with veiled threats and finally MURDER.

Feluda gets involved and discovers that there is more than one crime here.


13. Feluda: The Case of the Apsara Theatre

Another story which had an element of theatre in it

An actor begins to get threatening warning letters and then subsequently disappears.

Feluda begins investigation since the man had come to him for help and Feluda had simply advised him to be careful. Feluda felt obliged to solve his disappearance/murder case.

Menwhile. The actor is replaced by another one who also begins to receive threats in similar fashion and ultimately resulting in murder.

Yet another replacement actor is brought into the role.

And Feluda solves the murder case finally with startling results and discoveries about the murders as well as the culprit.


Well… that was the Feluda Marathon of November end. I plan to finish off Feluda once and for all before year end. I am sure I will not sustain the enthusiasm of carrying the big fat Feluda volume around.

Also, on the reading list for early next month is the "7 Secrets of Shiva" by Devdutt Pattanaik that I received from BlogAdda for review. I was looking forward to this book since I have heard a lot of good things about Devdutt Pattanaik from my close friend whose advise I always take on reading matters.  


Series Completion Score (as of 30th Nov 2011):  

Three Investigators     21 out of 35

Feluda                         27 out of 35

Sherlock Holmes         38 out of 56

Total                           86 out of 126

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