Monday, February 04, 2013

Series Tracking in 2013 - 2014

As indicated in my earlier post, I will reading several short story series as well a series of 3 novella trilogies this year. I will be tracking my progress every month on these along with maintaining a count of ACD & PKD short stories along with Satyajit Ray stories of Prof. Shonku (I recently discovered that besides Feluda, even some of the Prof. Shonku stories were translated into English and published).

I pulled out from my unread archives; two thick (actually 'very thick') volumes of short story collections – one with 80 short stories by various famous authors while the other has some 200+ short stories by O. Henry. I had bought these years ago (could be even a decade ago) and finally they are out for reading in this (and next) year.    

About 2 years ago, I picked up 3 volumes of short stories with Alfred Hitchcock written in big bold letterings on the cover page. I have pulled them out to be read this year. Also discovered that there is a 4th book in the series which I need to buy and include here. 

AND … I have decided to include HINDI literature also in my reading from this year. I read a lot of Hindi stories in my childhood through children's magazines like Chandamama, Nandan etc. Somewhere as I grew up, I lost in touch with Hindi reading and I feel I need to get back to it. And so I will be picking up some Munshi Premchand short stories and might even consider reading his novels. Also, if I could get my hands on them, I would probably pick up a Chandamama or Nandan too if they are still around.

This post was originally title 'Series Tracking 2013' but I guess I need to add 2014 also in there since the reading plans I have made give me more than 400 short stories to read (Not to forget the novel that I will be reading) and although not impossible to do but still it might be more practical to have these spread across 2 years.

So this is what my series reading plan for 2013/2014 looks like (and of course, I might add something going along the way). I will be tracking this on a monthly basis.


Novella Series (32)

09        Three Short Novel Trilogies by various Authors

23        3 Investigators Series – Crimebusters series & Series by Mark Zahn


Short Story Series (400)

200      O Henry Short Stories (O Henry Shorts)

80        World's Greatest Selected Short Stories (WGS Shorts)

85        Philip K Dick short stories (PKD)

40        Arthur Conan Doyle short stories (ACD)

30        Munshi Premchand short stories

15        Professor Shonku short stories by Satyajit Ray

29        Hitchcock – Shrouds and Pockets

21        Hitchcock – Most Wanted

28        Hitchcock – Shadow of Silence

12        Hitchcock – Home Sweet Homicide


Note: I am not adding any novel trilogies etc here since I am soon going to change jobs and I don't know how my reading life will change after that. I could still manage to catch up on the short story reading somehow, but readings novels regularly might become a challenge.


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