Monday, February 25, 2013

GM Diet once again …

Well … I have begun yet another attempt at GM Diet

In the last 3-4 months, I have spent more than 50-60% of the time away from home … resulting in a lot of outside food being consumed along with quite some junk food too.
My weight today morning stood at 92 KG and that is way too high for my own over-weight comfort.

My trousers have needed alteration around the waist and being over-weight is anyway a pretty tiring thing. So, GM diet is my way of getting a bit of my weight in control.

I have been thinking about the GM diet for over 6 months now but the constant travelling has not allowed me to get a shot at it.

Assuming that I get through the GM diet successfully, I should lose anywhere from 3 to 5 kg in a week with some weight gain after resuming normal diet and travelling lifestyle. So the net loss should be about 2 KG.  

So if I can make that happen, I should be able to achieve my target of 80 KG after about 4-5 iterations over a period of next 5-6 months assuming again that I get to stay at home for 2 week periods.
So I wish myself luck at yet another attempt at GM Diet .... !!  

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