Saturday, February 02, 2013

Reading Plans 2013 and beyond

The New Year has begun and so I thought … let me look at my near future reading plans. A year ago, I had made a similar post about 2012 reading plans and reviewed it around July to find that there were 3 authors that I wanted to read but had not begun. One out of the 3 was read but 2 still remained. Clive Cussler and Rick Riordan get carried forward to 2013 for reading. AND a lot many get added to read in 2013 and beyond …

Short Stories … Have read them in 2011/2012 and will continue to read them in 2013/2014
Arthur Conan Doyle – Quite a lot of short stories and none of them has Sherlock Holmes
Philip K Dick – Quite a lot of short stories still to be read even after reading 35 in 2012
Three Investigators Series – Crime Busters series and Series by Mark Zahn - 23 of them
Satyajit Ray – Professor Shonku short stories; recently discovered 2 collections translated in English

Novels …
Robert Ludlum – I haven't read them all yet ;)
Clive Cussler – At least 2 novels       
Chris Kuzneski – At least 2 novels    
Frederick Forsyth – At least 2 novels
Norman Limpert – The James Potter (Son of Harry Potter) series + a few shorts  

Ashwin Sanghi – 2 Novels; Chanakya's Chant and the Rozabel Line (and any new one)
Sidin Vadukut – The third installment of the DORK trilogy
Amish Tripathi – The third installment of the Shiva trilogy
Vikram Chandra – Sacred Games – a 1000+ page novel

Trilogy (Novels) to be read …
Stieg Larsson – The Millennium Trilogy
Mario Reading – The Antichrist Trilogy
E L James – Shades of Grey Trilogy
Rick Riordan – The Kane Chronicles to begin with … and then maybe the Percy Jackson Series in 2014 …
Cornelia Funke – Inkspell and Inkdeath (I read Inkheart a long time ago, probably 2010)

Short Novel Trilogy - I also have 3 trilogies of short novels (less than 200 pgs) by different authors.

Alfred Hitchcock Series - Also to be read is a collection of 90 short stories put together in 4 volumes under the aegis of Alfred Hitchcock with titles such as 'Shrouds and Pockets' (29 stories), 'Most Wanted' (21 stories), 'Shadow of Silence' (28 stories) and 'Home Sweet Homicide' (12 Stories)

Many More Short Stories: I pulled out from my unread archives; two thick (actually 'very thick') volumes of short story collections – one with 80 short stories by various famous authors while the other has some 200+ short stories by O. Henry. I had bought these years ago (could be even a decade ago) and finally they are out for reading in this (and next) year.    

Hindi Literature - Munshi Premchand Stories: I have decided to include HINDI literature also in my reading from this year. So I will be picking up some Munshi Premchand short stories and might even consider reading his novels.

I might also read some short stories from the editions of the following Magazines … in 2013 (hardly) / in 2014 (probably) / in 2015 (most likely) …
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine - several editions
Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine - several editions
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine - several editions

I will surely be reading a lot of new authors as I keep receiving books for review from, Authors and Publishers.

THAT looks like a fiction reading list for 2013 & 2014 (and maybe even 2015 and beyond) … a heady mix of novels and short stories

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