Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Review: RIP - Resurgent Indian Patriots by Mukul Deva

Book: RIP
Author: Mukul Deva
No. of Pages: 286
Genre: Thriller, Fiction
Publisher: Westland Books

The first book for review in 2013 comes once again from – RIP by Mukul Deva
The title of the book is as catchy as it can get with a graphic cover page which attracts immediate attention while the back cover blob wants you to buy it on the spot (if you are looking at it in the store or reading it on an online eCommerce portal that is)
While I waited for the book to arrive, I checked out what other books had the Author written since he is new for me. I have heard about him but not read his works till date.
RIP has an explosive start with 3 high profile murders taking place across the country followed by a statement sent to major media agencies regarding the intent and objective of the group who is behind the murders. The message concludes the threat that if the demands are not met, more will die and as a token of this threat, 3 more will die in next 3 days. This leads to a flurry of activities in the Indian political system sending waves across the country … amongst politicians, police, military as well as the common public. The start gave me (once again) a Robert Ludlum like feeling. Interestingly, the group which is responsible for murders is called the K-Team.
While reading, you will find elements and inspirations from different place. The entire political cast of the book has reflections of real life people and it's easy to see who is being indirectly referenced (in spite of changing names and having a disclaimer at the beginning about coincidental similarities). The K-team has the Hollywood A-Team kind of feel while the writing and events are attempting to be Ludlum like. There are extremely close connections with real life as you can begin to draw similarities between the scams in the book and real world political scams in India; including the politicians in the book as well as in real Indian politics.
I liked the book but was somewhat dissatisfied too. It could have been better; tighter. The pace of the book does slacken a bit at times which is not something I expected from a book of this caliber.  
One thing surely differentiated Mukul Deva from Ludlum … Romance and associated Emotions. I don't know why, but Mukul Deva decided to introduce a Love Triangle and 2 kids into the story. Yes, they did play a role in the story to some extent but that could have been managed without this extra emotional baggage. It looked more like a 'formula' to spice up the book rather than a real need of the plot – one can see the Bollywood influence – almost written as if a screenplay for a movie.
And the Romantic and Emotional story of the protagnist was the only time when the pace of the story slackens ...   
This was my first Mukul Deva novel and I think I would probably read another one from his stable, if I came across one. Visiting his website tells me he has written more novels with the military touch and another set for the corporate world. It will be interesting to see how he has managed the corporate ones.
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