Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Incomplete Kurkure Family

 Kurkure has created an immense brand presence in India and part of it is due to the presence of the Juhi Chawla effervescence. She added a certain character to the Brand which has built the brand's image in Indian minds. We associated Juhi very strongly with the Kurkure brand.

BUT …. The recent Kurkure ads which talk about the 'Indian Kurkure Family' don't feature Juhi. No doubt the family of full of interesting characters but the absence of Juhi is too startling and noticeable. What Juhi is to the Brand image cannot be replicated by anyone those members.

I just hope Kurkure brand has not made the mistake of dropping Juhi from the Kurkure equation … If they have done it .. they will have to go through a heavy investment to recreate a different Kurkure brand image because the existing one cannot be sustained by the new cast of brand ambassadors. The new star cast simply cannot match up with the brand image created by Juhi ...

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