Thursday, January 17, 2013

Series and Short Stories Reading Score of 2011 and 2012

I read a lot of novels in 2009-2010.
In 2011, I decided to pick up some series to read throughout the year.
I started with Sherlock Holmes, Three Investigators and Feluda.  
During 2012, I also picked up some short story series/collections … and fell in love with them all over again.
As my inclination towards them increase, I started reading more and more of short stories every month picking up several collections. I also found more of Sherlock Holmes stories (after exhausting the original Conan stories). I discovered short stories by Satyajit Ray and Philip K Dick too.
So here is a round-up of all the different series I read in past 2 years ...


2011-2012 :: Series Reading Score                                    143

Feluda                        by Satyajit Ray                                    35

Three Investigators    by William Arden / M V Carrey          43

Sherlock Holmes         by Arthur Conan Doyle                       60

Famous Five                by Enid Blyton                                     5


2011-2012 :: Short Stories Collections                                 301

Chicken Soup               by Juhi, Mark & Victor                        101     

12 Red Herrings          by Jeffrey Archer                                12       

Best of Satyajit Ray     by Satyajit Ray                                    21       

Sherlock: Exploits        by Conan Jr & John Carr                     12

Sherlock: Misadventures by various authors                          33

The Mysterious Traveler Magazine (6 Editions)                    36       

Short & Long Stories   by Philip K Dick                                   43

Short & Long Stories   by Arthur Conan Doyle                       34

Love, Peace and Happiness by Rituraj Verma                        09


2011-2012 turned out to be a year of Novellas & Short Stories … Count crossing 350 !! 

Total Reading Score = 143 + 301 = 444 Stories
A large majority of these 444 were read in 2012 … and I think the trend will continue in 2013.
Trivia - I started reading the Famous Five also but kind of abandoned it after reading just 5 from the series of 21.

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