Monday, January 02, 2012

The Year that was 2011


Highlights of the year that was 2011 …

9 months continuous stay in Dubai and then 3 months caught 50-50 between Mumbai and Dubai with occasional visits to Pune too

8 international flights between Mumbai-Dubai (all between June and Dec)

14 movies seen in theatres; 4 of them being Premiere shows (all of them in Dubai)

 120+ stories read – novels, novellas, short stories. Feluda completed. Complete collection of Sherlock Holmes & 3 Investigators in progress; some new authors read whom I will continue to read in 2012.  

Lots of places visited in Dubai … in the first 4 months before summers began

At the Top of Burj Khalifa – 360 degree view of Dubai city from 124th floor

Dolphin Show – Amazing is the word

Desert Safari – Fun Fun Fun in the sand

Abu Dhabi Tour – twice … Grand Mosque is truly amazing !

Para sailing experience – parachute flying being pulled by sped boat over the sea with a view of the fantastic dubai skyline

Ski Dubai – snow park inside a mall in dubai … freezing in minus 6 degree Celsius while outside it is 45-50
All the amazing and huge and beautiful malls of Dubai - The Dubai Mall, Ibn Batuta Mall, Wafi Mall ...

Overall it was a fun filled and happy year … hope the same from 2012 !!

In fact, hope 2012 is even better

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