Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Feluda Movie


Just saw the promo of the new Feluda movie 'Royal Bengal Rohoshyo' ...

I just have one thought ... Why is Feluda looking so OLD in the movie ...

I mean, why choose an actor of that age group. Feluda was supposed to be a young sleuth and Topshe was supposed a teenager. Why don't indian film makers try to be as authentic as possible and stick to the original charachters.


I had a similar qualm with the new Sherlock Holmes movies. Sherlock Holmes was famous for his deduction and 'brein work'. The movie has been made into an action movie with Holmes himself getting involved in a lot of action. This is not the character Canon Doyle created.

Also, both Sherlock and Watson don't look like the characters described in Sherlock Holmes stories. Sherlock has pretty sharp features and had his customary tweed jacket and cap ... Watson was more round and stout fellow. The movie has glamorized them. Made them slim and highly action oriented.

While I can understand the compulsion to 'modify' things to make them glamorous to appeal to the Hollywood movie audience and today's generation ... also the need to spice up things with action and special effects .... so i let it pass !!


But making Feluda an older fellow ??? What justification do they have for it ?

Do they think that they want to make the movie for those people who are now older (middle aged) but who read the Feluda stories in their childhood and so choose an actor from their age group with whom they can identify ???


I hope the movie is good.


I would rather prefer the entire Feluda series to be converted into a TV series/serial ... detective stories are more appropriate for the tv format and making it into a movie means that there might be a compulsion to add unwanted glamour/masala in the movie which is not required and which somehow would dilute the whole effect. 

How can we ever forget Byomkesh Bakshi on TV :) 


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